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How do you pronounce Joihelene?  


English version:  



French version: 'jwha/aylen'

What is...


 Voices of Joi?


"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." –Carl Jung

Who is...

Joihelene  "Joi" Holloway  is certainly no stranger to the stage, camera or the microphone.  In the moment she speaks, you hear a unique  and rich tone as well as warmth of personality.   At the soul of her passions is a LOVE of creativity with a desire to communicate & connect with people. 

Her background includes singing, acting, directing/producing radio & stage productions, as well as  many styles of writing.   She also has years of experience in advertising at two major New York City firms, DMB&B and MediaVest.  Also, she has experience at writing broadcast copy, journalism, public relations, media marketing, moderating corporate events & in more recent years social media, web & graphic design.  


Joi's latest creative voice is actually a return to a very familiar place.  In the late Fall of 1984, after winning a humorous expository speaking competition, one of the judges -- the general manager of her hometown local radio station -- invited Joihelene to become an FCC licensed radio announcer.  Thus began her professional career at the young age of 15, broadcasting and producing shows/commercials.  Ultimately, she has been doing voice work professionally for most of her life.


Joi loves that her journey has returned her home to the microphone!  She is looking forward to exploring the vast opportunities as a Voice Artist.   If you would like to know more  about her or have questions, feel free to contact Joi or check out her Theatre Resume.












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