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My Creation & Inspired by Spanish Cuisine: Blackened Chicken, Plantains, Black Beans

I love food! I love haute cuisine. I enjoy the world's delicious variety of good foods. But I especially love food that has come out of a kitchen with soul, like the one I grew up in. In my life I have discovered that this soul can be found anywhere.

The featured photo shows one of my loves…just throwing together a meal with a Spanish twist. I enjoy any type of Tex Mex, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Brazilian, Peruvian, Central American, Mexican, etc. So one night back in November 2013, I was hungry for food I use to eat in New York City I created what you see in the picture. Blackened Chicken, Fried Plantains, and Black Beans. If you want the recipe, just email me at There was this little hole in the wall place called Rice & Beans on 7th Avenue, I think it was between 55th and 56th. Back in the 90's and I use to go and get my serious fix of fried plantains, collards sautéed in garlic, rice & a variety of beans. The meat varied with who was cooking. But the main staple was those yummy plantains and the rice & beans. I didn't grow up on them so when I got to New York City, I thought I had died and went to Food Heaven. So many countries had good soul food that had nothing to do with the south eastern part of the United States. Though I still love my fried chicken, collards, Mac-n-cheese dinners, I also fell in love with Jamaican, Korean, Thai, Armenian, Turkish, Greek, Chilean, Moroccan, Egyptian, kosher vegetarian Indian foods.

You might wonder why I didn't make rice with this pictured dish. I was trying to keep the carbs down that night and went with just the fried plantains but next time, you know I will make me some rice to go with my beans. That's a promise!


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